3D Animation

Amy Yamasaki
character animation

1. [00:01] -- "Logo." Fall 2013. I conceptualized and animated this fun character in Flash.

2. [00:02] -- "Pendulum Promo 2." Aug 2015. I animated the character and table props in Maya then ported them to UE4.

3. [00:07] -- "Finding Monsters." Jan 2015. I animated an idle cycle for this silly character in a VR mobile app game.

4-5. [00:11] -- "Momentum." July 2015. I animated the vehicles and cameras in this concept trailer for Gadget Bot and Shyft Productions.

6. [00:16] -- "Finding Monsters." Dec 2014. I animated the characters and camera for this cinematic trailer in Maya.

7. [00:19] -- "Toony Run." Fall 2012. I animated the character and camera and staged the scene in Maya while emphasizing squash and stretch techniques.

8. [00:24] -- "Standing in Evidence." Fall 2013. I did the layout, situational idea, and animation in Maya based on the audio clip.

9. [00:28] -- "Gift of Life." Jul 2015. A robot cat I animated pleading for donations in a Kickstarter video.

10. [00:32] -- "Pendulum Promo 1." Jul 2015. I animated this kitten of a robot in Maya then ported it to UE4.

11. [00:41] -- "Finding Monsters." Dec 2014. I animated what an irritated cat would do when you poke him in the app game.

12. [00:47] -- "Finding Monsters." Dec 2014. This animation I made in Maya is part of a cinematic trailer.

13. [00:52] -- "Walk to Settle." Spring 2014. I animated a basic walk to a believable settle in Maya.

14. [00:55] -- "Hammer Throw." Fall 2012. I animated in Maya with constraints concerning the hammer and focusing on weight.

15. [00:59] -- "Plug Bug." Spring 2011. I conceptualized, modeled, rigged, and animated this crazy bug in Maya.

16. [01:01] -- "Ballerina." Spring 2014. I animated a graceful ballerina with beautiful arcs and secondary movements.

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