2D + 3D Animation


Amy Yamasaki
character animation

1. [00:03] -- "Plug Bug." Spring 2011. Conceptualized, modeled, textured, lit, rigged, and animated this crazy bug in Maya.

2. [00:5] -- "Toony Run." Fall 2012. I animated the character and camera and staged the scene in Maya with squash and stretch techniques.

3-5. [00:10] -- "Great." Spring 2013. My section of scenes of a group project. I did the layout and animation accompanied with audio in Maya with constraints on some of the hands.

6. [00:20] -- "Why." Spring 2012. I animated to an audio clip in Maya.

7. [00:25] -- "Hammer Throw." Fall 2012. I animated in Maya with constraints concerning the hammer and focusing on weight.

8. [00:29] -- "Walk Cycle." Fall 2013. I animated a "vanilla" walk cycle in Maya.

9. [00:31] -- "Lo-Poly Cat." Fall 2012. I animated the four-legged creature in Maya.

10. [00:35] -- "Come Out Fightin'." Fall 2012. I staged and animated the characters in Flash with an audio clip focusing on smears.

11. [00:41] -- "The Factory." Fall 2012. I staged and animated this cycle of animation with anticipation and secondary movement in mind in Flash.

12-13. [00:50] -- "The Garden." Fall 2013. This is part of a fun short animation I am currently working on in Flash and will make final lines in Photoshop. I conceptualized, staged, and animated the characters.